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Some birds and ducks captured an evening at the Stålebo wetlands. Check out the photos in the Birds album.

An evening at the wetlands

Just a Yellowhammer.


UPDATE! More photos added! ===== Photos from a trip to Lake Hornborga last weekend. Lots of cranes. Here are some shots, more will follow another… Read More »Cranes


Actually, sunsets are at its best during the autumn and winter months. That’s what I appreciate most with the dark season. Check out my Sunsets.

Sunset mania

But with autumn comes the colors. Here’s an example from november 2016, sunset by Lake Sävelången.

Autumn is getting closer

The red-legged seriema is a fascinating bird of prey. A modern velociraptor. Check them out in my Birds album.

Bird in Brazil

Checkout my newly uploaded photos! Sunsets, Flowers, Landscapes, Insects….

New photos

New photos has been added. Welcome to explore.

More photos

A viper caught on camera from today’s outing! Check out my new gallery from Tofta Nature Reserve!