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Some birds and ducks captured an evening at the Stålebo wetlands. Check out the photos in the Birds album.

An evening at the wetlands

A viper caught on camera from today’s outing! Check out my new gallery from Tofta Nature Reserve!


That’s the nickname of iconic SAAB J29 Tunnan, the most produced aircraft in the Swedish Airforce. Now operated by Swedish Airforce Historic Flight. Check out… Read More »The flying barrel

The flying barrel

Back in 1993 these Warthogs paid a visit to Jönköping in Sweden. Never seen them over here since then. Find them in the Aviation gallery.


SAAB J35/SK35 Draken just joined the Aviation album. Check it out here!

Speedy Draken

The SAAB J/A 32 Lansen just flew in to an album! Check it out here!

Aircrafts flying in!

In Photo Manipulation I’ll add photos that has been altered from reality. More will come, but check it out already now!

New category!

Check them out at

More bird photos!