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I’ve added additional possibilities for finding the photos you want to see. A new Menu item “Search” holds three different ways to find photos of… Read More »Search and Browse

Search and Browse

My website has been migrated and is now hosted by It should work just as before, just better, faster and more stable. If you’d… Read More »Migrated


If something seems broken, please let me know.

Changed site theme

Replaced the category spinners with static images with links which makes the page loads faster. It also gets a bit more easy to navigate.

Minor update

Buy a print!

Great news! A selection of my photos are now available for purchase in different formats at: If you’re missing something, please let me know.

Buy a print!

HTTP ERROR 500? Yeah, I messed up. It’s fixed now.

Internal server error?

I’ve made some more exposure information visible in the galleries, more EXIF data extraction for those nerds who knows what I’m talking about… . Those… Read More »Visible details

Visible details